Project Manager

Consider yourself a shepherd

To make our product, customer and commercial activity highly effective, co-ordinated, connected and delivered on time.

Outcomes expected from your role

  1. There is always a robust and clearly communicated plan/s
  2. We always know how we a delivering and performing against the plan/s
  3. We feel organised because we are organised
  4. Our delivery meets expectations

Core responsibilities

  1. Managing implementation of business plans across all commercial operations
  2. Managing customer onboarding and support delivery
  3. Managing product design and development delivery

Core skills to be shown in role

  1. Planning - High level to detailed low level.
  2. Organisation - personal, tasks, teams.
  3. Communication - presentation, team working, one to one, remote.
  4. Project management processes applied - people, product development customers.
  5. Delivery - get things finished and completed.

Core behaviours to be shown in role

  1. Creating simplicity from complexity
  2. Action and Ownership orientated
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Positive engagement of stakeholders - getting others to deliver

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