Put your time to better use with SheepCRM

SheepCRM helps socially good organisations save time, increase income and make a bigger difference.

Save Time

Replace repetition with results

SheepCRM automates your job’s boring bits so you can spend more time on fun stuff from events + marketing to social media + your members.

Happy Members

Show your flock some love

SheepCRM enables you to better engage your members with personalised + timely communications to show that you listen and genuinely care.

Consolidate Data

All your data in one place

SheepCRM’s member-centric system keeps everything in one easy-to-use, data-compliant place to minimise duplication + human error.

Fast Payments

Slick payments for better cashflow

SheepCRM’s slick payment integrations with GoCardless & Stripe allows for safe, instant payments with automated reconciliation.

From woolly to wonderful, become a membership guru with SheepCRM.


Replace admin time with member time


Say goodbye to repetitive, manual tasks


Instant payments, automatically reconciled


Know & understand your members better


Build member trust, loyalty & engagement


Deliver more value to your membership


Integrate with the apps you know and love


All your data in one easy to use system


Speedy, seamless migration and set-up


Bring your favourite apps to the party

SheepCRM loves your favourite platforms from GoCardless + Mailchimp to Eventbrite + Wordpress. Integrate your favourite apps for a seamless experience and handle your data in one place.

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Worry-free set-up

Speedy, seamless set-up

SheepCRM is built for non-techie types. We’ll migrate your data across, ensure your apps are perfectly integrated and guide you through the process so you can hit the ground running.

GDPR Compliance

Safe, secure and compliant data

You take care of your members while UK-based SheepCRM takes care of your data. Your data will be stored in the UK and encrypted with the same 256-bit HTTPS security banks use.

Put your time to better use

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Who is it for?

Easy to use membership software for clubs and associations

Created to make membership simple, sheepCRM helps clubs and associations to save time, increase income and deliver a better, more engaging membership experience. If you care about your members you’ll love sheepCRM: it’s membership made simple.



  • Business associations
  • Professional associations
  • Political associations
  • Royal chartered associations
  • Governing bodies
  • Institutions
  • Societies


  • Foundations & charities
  • Business organisations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Churches
  • Community centres
  • Networking groups
  • Social clubs
Sports clubs

Sports clubs

  • Gymnastic clubs
  • Football clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • Swimming clubs
  • Tennis clubs
  • Running clubs
  • Climbing centres
Enthusiast clubs

Enthusiast clubs

  • Car clubs
  • Motorcycle clubs
  • Motorsport clubs
  • Dance clubs
  • Yacht & sailing clubs
  • Gardening clubs
  • Owners clubs
Scottish Legal Action Group

When looking for a CRM, I was amazed how poor most offerings are. It's incredible that so few people understand the importance of user experience, despite being surrounded by Amazon and Apple. You've built something seriously brilliant - and we really appreciate it!

Shaun McPhee, Scottish Legal Action Group
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Put your time to better use with SheepCRM

SheepCRM helps socially good organisations save time, increase income and make a bigger difference.

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