A better approach to membership

All the features you need to rock your membership flock.

One contacts database


One contacts database

Keep all your contacts (members, organisations, suppliers) together for ease of searching, filtering, contacting and reporting.

Maximise your contacts

Keep all your contacts under one roof for a single, trusted source of data. Quickly & easily keep records up to date to maintain high quality data.

Members only

All your members in one place, quickly identify new, renewed and expiring members and use filters to better understand.

Powerful search filters

Find and filter your members by demographics, interests or behaviours. Spot patterns & segment your members.

Automate: escape admin!

Upload and automate your regular ‘lifecycle’ emails and reminders. Improve renewals and cashflow, and create the time to find new members.

The paper(less) trail

Keep a record of conversations, files and interactions you have with your members in one place. The journal will become your favorite place.

Comms that work for you

Connect with your members via email or text. Set regular emails, texts, alerts and reminders to be automated and send newsletters via Mailchimp.

Flexible membership types


Flexible membership types

Create multiple membership types, display their prices and watch memberships and revenues grow - with instant online payments via integrated banking apps GoCardless & Stripe.

Flexible memberships

Create membership types to attract the types of members you want more of. Think Family, Gift, Annual, Lifetime, Couple or Corporate.


Automatically reconcile membership payments by direct debit and bank cards, as well as manually record cheques and cash.

Automatic renewals

SheepCRMs’ automatic renewals can deliver increased retention and faster member payments, resulting in a better cash flow.

Easy-peasy payments


Easy-peasy payments

Streamline your system and go paperless with our time-saving banking integrations for instant payments and automated reconciliation.

Money is money

However you receive and record payments (from DD and digitally to cash or cheque), we’ll make it easier.

Automate it all

Integrate GoCardless, Stripe and Xero for automated billing and reconciliation.

Recurring payments

Recurring payment plans will keep your members happy, increase retention and improve cashflow.

Event management


Event management

Create your own events, sell tickets and monitor attendance. If you’re already using Eventbrite, great. If not, don’t worry SheepCRM does events too.

Event promotion

Delight your members with a simple purchase flow and gorgeous event pages that look great on any device.


Start selling tickets in minutes with a simple set-up process. Track revenue and spot patterns in real time.

Attendance tracking

Track sales in real time and monitor event attendance to understand your members and design better events.

Members app


Members app

Accessible 24/7, SheepCRM’s member app drives engagement, empowers your members and saves you time. Lots of it.

Registrations & renewals

Save yourself administration time by enabling your members to purchase and renew their memberships online, quickly & easily.

Build member's trust

Empower your members with the controls to manage their data, privacy settings, make payments and update their contact details.

Match your branding

The members app can be customised to match your branding with your logo and colours, offering a seamless experience for your members.

Valuable reports


Valuable reports

With everything in one place, SheepCRM’s powerful reporting will reveal your data’s insights. Use them to engage and grow your membership.

Standard reports

SheepCRM's reports offer the most valuable insights you’ll need to manage your membership.

Custom-built reports

Custom reports can be built to help you analyse, plan + budget more effectively.

Data insights you can trust

Make important and strategic decisions with valuable data you can trust.


Bring your favourite apps to the party

SheepCRM loves your favourite platforms from GoCardless + Mailchimp to Eventbrite + Wordpress. Integrate your favourite apps for a seamless experience and handle your data in one place.

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A better approach to membership

All the features you need to rock your membership flock.

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