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Amplifying collaboration internally with membership software package; SheepCRM

The Football Supporters Association

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"I love sheepCRMs membership package because it is built for membership organisations and can be tailored to suit you"

Vicki Goodfellow, Membership Manager & Network Coordinator.

Who they are:

The FSA (Football Supporters Association) is the national, democratic, representative body for football supporters in England and Wales.

They are the leading advocates for supporter ownership, better fan engagement, cheaper ticket prices, the choice to stand at the match, protecting fan rights, good governance, diversity, and all types of supporter empowerment.

The FSA represents fans at all levels of the football pyramid, from the Premier League right through the National League system. Working with organisations such as the EPL, EFL, FA and across Government.

They have recently seen positive action from a decade long campaign to legalise standing in football in the upper divisions. They've also campaigned for and provided evidence to a government fan led review of football which has proposed a whole new series of reforms around football that will put fans central to the workings of their clubs and the game nationally.

Ashley Brown is Head of Governance & Supporter Engagement. Vicki Goodfellow is Membership Manager & Network Coordinator; they explain why they moved to sheepCRM and how it helps them daily.

The challenges:

The FSA had been using a software package to manage their members for some time, but as they evolved, they found it wasn't keeping up with the pace of their growing membership.

"Our historic package was ok back in the day, but it was becoming clunky, and it wasn't being kept up-to-date as time went on".

"Certain aspects of it were difficult for Vicki to update, and when we were trying to encourage staff to update their work, they were finding it difficult; therefore, it wasn't being done", says Ashley.

They wanted to find a membership software package that was easily useable and that would encourage their colleagues to utilise a central platform that would benefit their organisation.

Ashley and Vicki began to look at the products on the market. They discounted some because of price and others because of the lack of functionality. They wanted to find a company committed to continued development and a product to fit their budget.

How sheepCRM helped:

Since moving to sheepCRM, coworkers at the FSA are now much more engaged with their membership system and find it easy to update their work regularly. It is now a shared responsibility and has made a difference to individuals by cutting down the admin side of managing their members and freeing up precious time to focus on supporting their members.

"One thing I really love about sheepCRM is that it is built for membership but can be tailored to suit your organisation. We support around 75,000 people through the FSA, so it's essential to provide a good service internally for our culture and externally for our members. sheepCRM helps us achieve that."

"I always felt I was chasing after people, trying to get the information needed or to get them to update our systems. Now everyone has become more productive and efficient", says Vicki.

The future:

Maintaining engagement:
"sheepCRM has made running our members and membership easier. However, we are now planning to do so much more, like linking our website and using the self-service app for our supporters and groups. We will be even more streamlined once that's all set up". Said Vicki.

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